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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Help a Friend!!

As Izzabella From Creative Souls Said:

It is with great sadness to have to announce this...  

Our wonderful friend JoAnnA Pierotti's husband has been diagnosed with having a brain tumor.  If he is not operated on, within the week the Doctors' say he has only a month to live.  They are seeking assistance to go forward with the operation & hopefully will be able to get to San Francisco to be operated on immediately~

Ron is without employment, and health benefits.  They need our prayers & encouragement at this difficult time in their lives~

There is a "Chip In" donation widget & Chip In page that you can visit to donate. You also can grab the code for the widget to attach to your blogs or websites & links to forward to your friends~

JoAnnA has been a wonderful inspiration to all & she is need of our help & I want to see our art community come to help, even though it's hard ecomomic times, we can all spare a dollar or two or some can spare more ?!

thank you for your precious time!!

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