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Thursday, April 30, 2009

~~~Marie Shoe Soiree!~~~

Today is the Marie Antoinette Shoe Soiree! 
Hosted by Angela Harris of
The theme of this Soiree was to take on old shoe and remake it!  Here is My Shoe! 


Angela Harris said...

Oh Blanca! This shoe is wonderful and color scheme is lovely. The green with the pink roses and this vignette you've set up is gorgeous! you have the prettiest collection of things!
Thank you so much for participating in my Soiree!

Jenny Fowler said...

I love it! It is so romantic. Your pictures are awesome too!

Angela Harris said...

Hey Blanca!

Yes, I do have that fluer de lis Trim Set for sale here...

Thanks so much!
~Angela Harris

Anna said...

wow what a fantastic idea Blanca

CTgirl said...

This so fabulous!! Love it!!